KINDOO makes old tech smart. Use it on any electric door without the need to upgrade your locks.
You Set The Rules
You have total control over access rights and proximity settings, which you can change at any time through the KINDOO app.
Enhanced Security
Unlike other systems, KINDOO comes with 256-bit encryption – taking your security to the next level.
Your Door Does Not Need To Be Connected To The Internet
You do not have to worry about Wi-Fi coverage in your home. KINDOO is smart without the need to be connected to the internet.
Quick Installation & No Pairing
The KIN is simple to install on any electric door and requires no pairing with your smartphone.
Welcome Messages
Customize the messages users receive when they open your door. Remind them to turn off the lights on their way out or not to forget to water the plants.
Modular Options For Businesses And Enterprises
We host your information on our secure servers but also provide you with the option for Local Authentication and Access Rights Definition on your own servers. Use the KINDOO API to integrate with your other internal booking and management systems.
You can also choose to integrate the KINDOO library into your own phone application turning it into a KINDOO key.
Flexible Pricing
Check the KINDOO standard pricing offer under the Pricing section. If you are a business and wish to inquire about our modular offer for the KINDOO API, the Local Authentication, the Access Rights Definition or the KINDOO phone library, send us an email to

who is it for?

Turn your family's smartphones into their keys with no risk of having the keys copied.
You can also use KINDOO when you're not home to grant the gardener or housekeeper limited access on certain days for certain hours.
With KINDOO there's no need to organize a key handover for your Airbnb anymore. All you need is grant your guests access via the app for the length of their stay.
Integrate KINDOO into your business and use your employee's smartphones as their access cards. Authenticating new users and granting them access rights takes only a few seconds.
Grant dynamic access to different areas of the company and use the data gathered for HR purposes.
KINDOO modular offering allows you to subscribe independentley for any of the following options: Local Authentication, Access Rights Definition on your own servers, KINDOO API or the KINDOO phone library. For more information send us an email to

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