Turn Any Smartphone Into a Key

Get keyless with Kindoo

Enable incredible experiences

Turn any electric door into a smart door with Kindoo, a game-changer in smart security

Up the safety of all your properties, private or commercial, and guarantee authorized people will gain easy access to your spaces. Simply install the KIN D device seamlessly into any electric door or gate and start granting users access to control the door when in proximity with the device.


A no-fuss installation that allows frictionless access


Get rid of physical keys and enter spaces using your smartphone


Streamline access to your company or home in an intuitive way


Increase security on commercial and residential properties considerably


Maximize use of your space and grant users access to selective parts of your property


Manage your site capacity efficiently and with flexibility by expanding or decreasing the number of user seats of your site through the app or website


Save money by easily interchanging users that are given access to your site


Simplify the installation process: the KIN D doesn’t require any data wiring or an internet connection. Simply hook the KIN D device to the already existing low voltage wiring of your electric door or gate


Manage access rights remotely through a PC or smartphone

With every Kindoo Site you create, you get 2 free users for that site

Add to your site as many KIN D devices as you need (usually the same number of electric doors or gates in your site). Increase your site capacity and invite additional users by either purchasing permanent user seats or by subscribing to monthly user seats.

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Site creationFree

Includes 2 user seats

The KIN D device250$

MSRP Price

Additional permanent user seat25$

One-time fee per user seat

Minimum order of 5

Additional monthly user seat0.6$

Monthly fee per user seat

Minimum order of 5

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Curious to learn more about Kindoo?


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