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A safer education

Campuses safety is key

Make campuses smarter and more secure with Kindoo

University and school campuses are made safer and smarter with Kindoo: it’s time to make the switch. The KIN D device can be installed on main gates, individual doors, turnstiles, revolving doors, sliding doors, and elevators – allowing immediate control and increased safety across the entire campus.

Provide easy and safe campus access

  • Improve access for students with disability
  • Immediately grant access to new students upon their enrolment through Kindoo API integration
  • Give students access to multiple locations/campuses seamlessly

Get peace of mind

  • Only allow verified users to access the campus, upping the security
  • Create custom access schedules and rules to further enhance safety
  • With Kindoo, doors can be opened only when the user is within close proximity
  • Control elevator access
  • Get a comprehensive log tracking report to give better insights into the security and utilization of the campus

Manage campuses smartly

  • Easily manage student turnover by replacing old alumni with new ones through the app, without changing your site capacity and without inccurring additional cost
  • Allow visitors in by adding them as temporary users and simplify user registration; Kindoo will revoke them automatically after their visit
  • Define access schedules for different schools and programs
  • Create branded custom messages to pop up on student’s phones when they enter the campus
  • Manage access rights remotely through a PC or smartphone

Frequently asked questions

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First, the KIN D in itself is not a lock, but a smart system that controls the electric lock/door of your choice (that should already be installed on your site) and there are many differences between Kindoo and other smart locks:

  • Most of the smart locks work mostly on deadbolt locks only and require changing locks. They cannot operate on sliding doors, gates, turnstiles etc… while Kindoo can be integrated and retrofitted to any electric lock
  • Kindoo uses 256 bit encryption while most of the smart locks use 128 bit encryption
  • Other smart locks are battery powered and require replacing batteries every few months
  • With Kindoo you can choose your physical security and decide what type of electric lock you would like to have
  • While all other smart locks are bulky and visible, with Kindoo you can choose to hide your KIN D within the door or wall making it invisible
  • KNX or EIB systems require a main cable installed all around the building
  • They require a lot of wiring for sensors and actuators
  • They need interoperable KNX approved products wired to a central system

In summary, KNX or EIB systems require different integrated operating devices connected with sensors to actuators through a main cable and couplers to a server that relays back to an interface. This type of system requires complex wiring and is usually planned during construction phase. Kindoo can interact with any 12 - 24 V (DC or AC) circuit without the need to change your devices or the need to worry about the internet connectivity of your site.

The KIN D can be installed on any type of electric door, whether it is a gate, garage door, sliding door, turnstile, boom barrier etc...

No, the KIN D can be retrofitted on any 12 - 24 V (DC or AC) electric lock.


With every Kindoo Site you create, you get 2 free users for that site

Add to your site as many KIN D devices as you need (usually the same number of electric doors or gates in your site). Increase your site capacity and invite additional users by either purchasing permanent user seats or by subscribing to monthly user seats.

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Site creationFree

Includes 2 user seats

The KIN D device250$

MSRP Price

Additional permanent user seat25$

One-time fee per user seat

Minimum order of 5

Additional monthly user seat0.6$

Monthly fee per user seat

Minimum order of 5

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