With every Kindoo Site you create, you get 2 free users for that site

Add to your site as many KIN D devices as you need (usually the same number of electric doors or gates in your site). Increase your site capacity and invite additional users by either purchasing permanent user slots or by subscribing to monthly user slots.

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KINDOO requires a license for each user with access rights to a site. Each site comes with two free licenses. User licenses can be acquired either as permanent licenses or as monthly licenses

Permanent User License$25

One time fee per user

Minimum order of 5


Monthly User License$0.6

Monthly, per user

Minimum order of 5


A KIN D device is required for every door to make it controllable through the KINDOO system.

KIN D Device$250

One Device per Door

MSRP. Excludes cost of lock and power supply.

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