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The only key you need

KINDOO is a smart system that allows you to control any electric door right from your smartphone. Whether it’s the door to your home, office, shared working space, hotel room or AirBnB, with KINDOO your smartphone becomes the only key you need. You control who enters and when, through our user-friendly interface. Unlike other systems, KINDOO does not require your door to be connected to the internet and we use 256-bit encryption - taking your security to the next level.

Smartphone credential reader

Transform your users' smartphones into their access card
Enhance your existing access control panel
Purchase and allocate Digital Cards instantaneously
Wiegand output: compatible with most access control panels
Enhanced security - 256-bit encryption
Credentials are unique and virtually impossible to duplicate
Simple installation and wiring. The KIN W does not require to be connected to the internet
Up to 20m [65 ft] range

Smartphone access control system

Smartphone complete access control system for any 12V DC electric lock
Smartify your electric lock
Enhanced security - 256-bit encryption
Manage access rights and access rules seamlessly directly from your smartphone
Simple installation and wiring. The KIN D does not require to be connected to the internet
Up to 20m [65 ft] range

More about KIN D...

Where To Buy?

For Access Control Professionals

560 S. 100 W.
Suite 24, Provo
UT 84604

+1 (801) 896 9079


For End Users

Locate your nearest KINDOO Partner

Become A KINDOO Partner

If you are an OEM, a distributor or a dealer/installer of access control systems and would like to become a KINDOO partner, create a regular KINDOO account, go to your profile and submit a request to become a KINDOO partner.
As a KINDOO partner, you can resell KINs and you are eligible to a revenue share on the credentials that are purchased by end users.
Credentials include Digital Cards, Permanent Users and Monthly Subscriptions.
KINDOO partners have access to a portal that allows real time monitoring of revenues.

What Clients Say?

"When I first started my business, I was looking for a way to Streamline my access control system as much as possible while still maintaining a high standard of security. Traditional access control systems are great if you have time to sit in front of a computer all day issuing fobs, but I wanted something that worked better with my busy schedule. Kindoo provided just the add on needed to streamline my whole operation. Now it doesn’t matter if I’m at home, on vacation or in the office. If I have my phone on me I can grant access to new clients and that’s exactly what I needed! Thank you Kindoo for coming out with such a great product and helping take my business to the next level of efficiency!"
Lucas Jensen - CEO Chop Shop Physiques

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Tech Tips: Bluetooth for Storefront Locks

KINDOO is a smart system that allows workers to lock or unlock any electric door right from their smartphones, ideal for storefront and office building applications

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